Artist of the Month


July’s artist of the month’s goes to Latino indie band Avindale!

Can you believe were half way through 2016? There has been some really amazing artist of the month’s so far. July artist of the month does not disappoint! This month’s AOTM goes to indie Latino band Avindale. I recently discovered this band out of the blue and I have been hooked on their music ever since. Where the Light Shines Most was the first song I heard and I have been obsessed with not only that song but their entire new EP.

Here is a Spotify playlist with some of my favorites from Avindale:

Avindale was formed in the southwest region of El Paso, Texas. This all Latino trio band consists of Oscar, Gary and Matt. Their brand of alternative-pop blends spacey grooves with dreamy synths, haunting beats and distinct melodies which may cross boundaries and genres. Influenced by a variety of music styles, such as alternative Indie, rock, jazz, R&B, electronic, pop and more.


Avindale recently released their new EP titled Time Frames back in June. This is their first release in over two years and you can really hear the growth in their music. The shift to dreamy synths is very apparent throughout the entire EP and that has listeners tuned in from start to finish. Their single Where the Light Shines Most has almost 40,000 streams on Spotify. As Avindale’s continues to win fans over and impress listeners, they have a very promising future. I highly suggest taking a listen to their new EP Time Frames and you’ll understand why I think this band out of El Paso is on the verge of something great. Also, if Avindale happens to be in a city near you I highly suggest checking them out live!

Get social with Avindale:




Who will be next month’s AOTM? Check back in a few weeks!



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