Artist of the Month


June’s artist of the month goes to electronic duo Hive Riot!

Sometimes you stumble upon a band by accident and that was definitely the case with Hive Riot. Discovering a band like this can be rare in a lot of cases because it tends to really take a lot for me to hook onto a band. This definitely was the case after listening to a few of their songs. I was definitely hooked after falling in love with one of their songs titled Undercover.

Here is a Spotify playlist with some of my favorites from Hive Riot:


This electronic-pop duo is consisted of brother and sister-in-law to each other Mindy Gledhill and Dustin Glendhill. They describe themselves as a synthy, dance-fueled party hosted by the electric alchemy that is Dustin and Mindy. When you take a listen to all their songs there is really a big message of acceptance in addition to really being true to your self. This message of self love and acceptance is one reason I have grown to love this band so much. Their funky 80’s theme throughout each one of their songs is so addicting and really makes you want to get up and dance.

The duo released their self titled album Hive Riot back in January and it looks as though there is no signs stopping this duo. With a few tour dates scheduled for this summer, Hive Riot looks to make a bigger splash as fans continue to discover this hot duo. I highly suggest taking a listen to their new album Hive Riot  and if they are in a town near you, I highly suggest checking them out live! I hope they plan on an AZ tour date soon.

Get social with Hive Riot:





Who will be next month’s AOTM? Be sure to check back in July!




  1. Hive Riot is TOTALLY bomb! I have been to their first 2 concerts so far, and it’s been nothing but fun. Dancing, costumes to try on and take pics with, giant ballons, glitter… oh man. It’s awesome. 😀


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