Artist of the Month


May’s artist of the month goes to Indie singer-songwriter Trevor James Tillery.

There are certain artists that you tend to follow for a bit of time. This happens to be the case for May’s artist of the month. I discovered Trevor James Tillery about a year ago right after he put out one of his first singles The Dissonance Between Us and have been hooked ever since. I can describe Trevor as a cross between dreamy indie pop with a dash of dark sounds. Did I mention I have a soft spot in my heart for artists out of Arizona which Trevor was raised in Phoenix. His songs have been streamed over 200,000 times on Spotify and shows no signs of slowing down.

Here is a Spotify playlist with some of my favorites from Trevor:


After turning 18 and making the move from Phoenix to Seattle, back to Phoenix, then to Nashville, exploring different incarnations of bands and performative experiences. Trevor wrote for other musicians, but always found himself returning to his own music. At age 25, while living and playing in Nashville, Trevor came out as gay, a deeply freeing experience that left him with a lingering sense of relief. His feelings about his sexuality traced through his songwriting as he gave voice to the liberation of finally becoming who you are.

Trevor’s debut EP, In Moonlight, was recorded last February, which can be explained as a sense of exploration as the music takes unexpected turns and revels in what Trevor calls “happy accidents.” He aims to never paint the same picture twice, an idea that resonates through the music.

Trevor is currently one of my favorite artists at the moment because I haven’t been able to connect with an artist like this in a long time. Being able to connect with someone’s music that has walked in your shoes really puts the meaning behind the music much greater. Trevor James Tillery is an artist on the rise and I highly suggest taking a listen to his new EP In Moonlight and if he’s in a town near you, definitely check him out live!

Get social with Trevor:





Be sure to stay tune for next month’s AOTM!



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