An unforgettable night with Natalia Lafourcade


An unforgettable night with Natalia Lafourcade!

This is a sponsored campaign with ASU Gammage, all experiences and opinions are my own.

Natalia Lafourcade’s first ever stop in Phoenix undoubtedly was one for the books. Playing to sell out crowd at ASU’s Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix last Friday which attracted fans from all walks of life. As the intimate theater started to fill, I could feel the energy right off the bat as it came close for Natalia to go on. This was my first time seeing Natalia and I felt so privileged to be able to see the Grammy winner in such an intimate setting.

Natalia kicked off the show with Vámonos Negrito, Hasta la Raíz, and Lo Que Construimos which are all songs from her new album Hasta la Raíz that was released last year. As she continued to play older hits switching from some of her older stuff to newer songs from Hasta la Raíz. Throughout the show fans continued to shout their love for Natalia as the energy continued to build.

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There was a turning point half way through the show when Natalia played Amor, Amor de Mis Amores which lead fans on their feet, singing and dancing a long to the faster version of the hit song. My favorite moment of the night came towards the end of the night when at the end of Amor, Amor de Mis Amores, fans bursted out with a chant “Natalia, Natalia, Natalia” and it lasted a good few minutes while Natalia stood in silence on the stage while she took it all in and gave her appreciation. Such a humbling moment especially since this was her first time performing in Phoenix.

Fans continued to stay on their feet, singing and dancing to the rest of Natalia’s hits. The encore came and fans went crazy screaming “otra,otra,otra” which led to Natalia taking the stage one last time for a few songs. The ended the show with Estoy Lista a song fitting for the last which is about saying goodbye and starting a new journey.

Overall, I was overwhelmed with so much excitement as I left the theater because I was speechless on what I just witnessed. Natalia’s vocals and energy throughout the show were that of a multi Grammy winner. I am excited that people are finally taking notice here in the states of her amazing talents. She is already a huge star in Mexico but I think it’s time for her to take the US by storm. If you get the chance to see Natalia you are not going to regret it because she puts on an amazing show that will leave you full of pride and happiness. If I were you I would get on iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora now and listen to Hasta la Raíz!

Thank you again to ASU Gammage on inviting me to experience Natalia Lafourcade first hand and I was not disappointed!

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