My first VNYL package


Unboxing my first VNYL subscription package! 

Have you heard of VNYL? I didn’t either until a few months ago when I saw an article on Buzzfeed that featured the best subscriptions you should sign up for. I have been thinking about signing up for a vinyl subscription for a while now but all the options that are out there really didn’t set themselves apart from the rest. I stumbled upon VNYL’s website and decided to check it out in more detail.

After investigating the website for a bit more, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for their ‘Solo’ plan which gets you one hand picked new vinyl a month. They have two different plans based on your budget and the pace of how fast you want to build your vinyl collection. After signing up, VNYL ask you to fill out their music preference page which you are able to check your favorite genres, list some of your favorite artists, and also list the genres you dislike. My favorite feature is they encourage you to connect your Spotify account, Soundcloud account and any other music platforms so that they can get a better understanding of your music taste. The last step is to pick your vibe for the month which I went with #work.

Three weeks later my first VNYL package came in the mail.


This bright pick package with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” written along the pull tab was calling my name the moment I set my eyes on it. I was anxious to open it!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As I opened the package the first thing I noticed was the hand written note from my curator Sam. The notes says, “Hey Will, Welcome to VNYL! Thanks for filling us in on some of your favorite artists & styles- everything helps! Man, I just discovered Lydia myself- can’t believe it took me this long! Okay, from looking at your profile, I see a trend towards smart, well produced modern electronic indie pop with mellow but emotional vocals, so I think STRKFKR will be right up your alley! ENJOY-SAM.”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

As I continued to dig through the package, as promised there was a brand new “Reptiliansalbum by STRFRK. I decided to open the album to take a listen and I have to say they did a great job because I am really enjoying this new find.

The thought that a person took the time to look at the music I love and pick something that they think I will really enjoy is pretty awesome. I look forward to my next package which will be here in a few days!

Stay tuned to see what new find is in my next package!

If you are interested in learning more about VNYL visit:



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