An unforgettable night at Viva PHX


An unforgettable night at Viva PHX music festival!

I decided to finally take the plunge and attend a music festival. This music festival happen to be right in my own backyard. Back for the second year, Viva PHX offered music fans a mini South By Southwest in downtown Phoenix. Over 10,000 people ascended to downtown where 70 artists played 17 different venues throughout the night. The hardest part was trying to figure out what bands I wanted to see. Here is a little glimpse and highlights of my night throughout the festival.

8:00pm: I started off my night at the Masonic Temple to catch From Indian Lakes who I haven’t seen in a long time. This indie rock band out of Yosemite, CA rocked out for about an hour, playing some of their well known songs like “Am I Alive” and “Breath Desperately” just to name a few. They sounded really great live!


9:00pm: I decided a few days before I really wanted to catch this new up and coming brother-sister duo out of Los Angeles named XYLO. So, we made the trek to Crescent Ballroom which was a few blocks away which took about 10 minutes to get there. When XYLO finally went on I was so impressed with how amazing they sounded live. They belted out some of their hit songs like “L.A. Love Song,””America” and “Afterlife” which each have over a million listens on Spotify currently.


10:45pm: We made the walk back to the Masonic Temple to catch my favorite band Lydia. Lydia calls Gilbert, Arizona home and has been winning over fans since their first release back in 2005. Lydia did not end of playing until about an hour later than scheduled. I was able to catch up with a few loyal Lydia fans standing next to me and we were able to chat a bit. Let’s just say my tattoos (Lydia album covers) are good conversation starter at their shows. Lydia once again was able to keep me dancing all night long with a mix of old and new tunes. They played some of their popular songs like “Hospital” and newer tunes like “The Exit” and “The Sounds in Your Dream.”


Viva PHX also included huge acts like Crystal Castles, The Growlers and Neon Indian just to name a few. I unfortunately wasn’t able to catch any of those artists but I heard they had amazing sets. I wish there was two of me that night so I could have caught all the amazing acts that took place that night.

As we wrapped up our night and made the long walk back I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Phoenix is really a music city. The turn out at this music festival really changed my perception and I was amazed about how much downtown has changed. My tip for anyone thinking about attending a music festival, take the plunge, and go!

I can’t wait to attend next year’s Viva PHX. It only seems to be getting better and better every year!

More info on Viva PHX:



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